[IC] Colourful Balck-Gold Premium Cable (Updated)

[IC] Colourful Balck-Gold Premium Cable (Updated)

Updates 28th Apr, 2022

  1. More sample pictures
  2. Price: 59 USD (79 AUD)
  3. Production time: 2~6 weeks after GB end. (Subject to pandemic restirction on logistics)


One of the most high-end cable you can get.

About this Cable:
This cable is designed and created by a Chinese cable maker and it already had few runs of group buys in China, now we are very excited to work with the designer to bring it to Australia/New Zealand.
The Colourful Balck-Gold premium cable is made from premium materials, aluminum usb connectors and LEMO aviator. It also supports fast charging.
One highlight of the cable is the continuous golden line which we spent two months doing dozens of prototypes to finally make right.


  • Length: 17cmCoil+100cm extend cable.
  • Ports: USB-A and C.
  • Cable Colour: Premium Black.
  • Detachables: LEMO aviator connector (FGG+PHG) 4/5pin.
  • Cable: 5pin fast charging USB cable(up to 22watt).
  • Package: PP container. (show as pic below)

Colour Options:
LEMO Aviator: Gold/Black/Sliver/Blue

GB Dates:

est: 50~60 USD

IC Form:


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