iNKY Studio GI-Inazuma theme Cherry Profile Keycaps

iNKY Studio GI-Inazuma theme Cherry Profile Keycaps

Inazuma, Japanese Kanji 稲妻, means Thunder. In the famous game Genshin Impact, it is used as a region name of the seven regions in Teyvat.


Everyone who has played Genshin Impact must have a deep memory of Inazuma's thunder, cherry blossoms and that bad fox lady.

From locking the country and hunting Visions to opening and prosperity of the country, we, as the traveller,  have experienced and witnessed them in person. Inazuman gathered their dreams to fight together against upper power, Raiden Shogun's self-denial and determination to wipe out old evils, and the final Devils’ Night of Yae Miko to bid farewell to their old friends. Stories of hope shining in the dark. Their passion and strong heart and friendship make us moved.

iNKY team is one of those who are touched by Inazuman. The new project is born.


As Inazuman learns Electro, iNKY studio uses purple and purple gradient colours as the main theme colour. Moreover, instead of Base, Alpha and novel, iNKY studio intends to give the kit specific name like

  • Musyo no hitotachi for Doubleshot base kit
  • Musyo no isshin for tripleshot base kit
  • Raiden Shogun for purple Novel kit
  • Thunder Sakura for pink Novel kit
  • Yae Miko for peach-pink Novel kit

The keycap will feature in Cherry Profile and contain the double-shot and triple-shot base kits.  However, iNKY intends to give the two kits different colour scheme to depict the spirit and characteristics of Inazuman. 

iNKY team prepares three colour plans for the Novel kit. However, the love of Inazuman gives them a hard decision which colour is their favourite. Therefore, they need the community's help to make the final decision. 

Just share your thoughts about iNKY's new design down below. Cheers~

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