Store Updats

Update 09/01/2023

DMK iNKY Studio GI-Inazuma: DMK is aiming dispatch around 11th Jan, 2023. We will arrange transportation to AU asap.

Update 21/11/2022


Started i7 kit fulfilment.

Click here to find i7 build guide, VIA json file, firmware and some sample gifs for the oled screen.

Update 15/11/2022


i7 keyboard kits are in transit from Sydney to us in Melbourne. Aiming dispatching this week or next week.

Update 21/09/2022


i7 is heading to us. Aiming dispatching around Late Oct. Here're some pics:


Thank you everyone for your supports. We have place order to iNKY studio. Currently est dispatching around Chirstmas 2022.

Update 03-09-2022


i7 Keyboard Barebone Kit: most color coating has been completed by manufacturer and delivered to the designer for QC, only Titanium Grey left and should be finish soon. PCBs and plates are also delivered to the designer.

Update 21-08-2022

In Stock:

Go Popper arrived with limited stock in colour, e-white White/Black and Anpdozing Grey.

Updates 15-07-2022


i7 Keyboard Barebone Kit: cnc in progress, will complete by the end of July.

Updates 05-06-2022


i7 Keyboard Barebone Kit: Orders placed to manufacturer.

Black-Gold: Orders placed to manufacturer.

iNKY x Domikey Silent Desert: IC pending.

Updates 12-05-2022

Coming soon (Jun-2022)


  • TTC Gold Pink
  • TTC Ace
  • JWK Green Snake
  • JWK Taro


  • DOIO KB16-01


  • DOIO tray TOKE-02

  • DOIO tray TOKE-03

Updates 29-04-2022

GG86/87 pre-order

GG86 have arrived. Some of the belongings and parts still on the road and expected to arrive early May. Shipping will be initiated once all parts arrived.

Sound test:

Black-Gold Custom Keebs cable

Sample has been made and we are still communicating about some details including getting lower postage and logistic arrangement.

i7-65% Mechanical Keyboard Barebone Kit

GB still pending and estimates around early May. More details will come.